Farewell Message from Olinda Salguero

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Guatemala, July 28th 2017


Dear friends,


I share this message by thanking you in one way or another for been part of all that has meant this wonderful journey, in the time I have had the opportunity to serve in the Esquipulas Foundation for Peace, Democracy, Development and Integration. Each and every one of the experiences has been extremely enriching and I feel deeply connected with the purposes and efforts that I have been given the opportunity to promote.

In the framework of the 30th Anniversary of the Esquipulas Accords, whose spirit we have striven to resignify, President Vinicio Cerezo was unanimously elected by the Presidents of the SICA region as General Secretary of the Central American Integration System for the period 2017- 2021.

President Cerezo has asked me to support him in the important task of this appointment. That is why, on this journey of life, the road now leads me to serve in the institutional space. For several years I have deepened my knowledge of regional integration, not only with a master’s degree, but with the contributions of all of you. I will be at your service as Chief of Staff in the General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System SICA.

The Presidency of the Foundation will be exercised by an extraordinary woman and professional, Licda. Anaisabel Prera (aprera@fundaesq.org); In the Direction, will be led by my colleague Jorge Raul Cruz (jcruz@fundaesq.org) and it is important to inform you that there has been another structural change and that my colleague, whom many of you already know, Ingrid Morales will occupy the Subdirection. This transition will help to ensure that the programs, projects and initiatives continue to be carried out with the quality that has characterized the effort of the Foundation’s work team.

I close my eyes and see each of you. I want to thank you for all your support, trust and commitment. I leave the Foundation satisfied with every small and great action for our people, for our society. I leave with a heart full of love, for an extraordinary team and for organizations, partners and people who have been allied for all purposes. These years have made me a better human being, I feel like saying a good-bye to the family.

Special thanks to the Board of Directors and to the wonderful staff of the Foundation. Thank you for believing in me, for your support, for encouraging me, for getting angry with me many times for taking you to the limit, but above all thanks for your confidence and friendship; Remember that you can always point to the stars, never doubt of your potential and extraordinary ability. It comforts me to know that we have grown up together. Thank you!

Again thank you so much for so much and for everything. I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you very son. Undoubtedly, we can continue working and deepening purposes to make Central America a strategic region in the world, in peace, democracy, developed for the well-being of its inhabitants, integrated according to its own destiny.

#Video Message from Anaisabel Prera, President of Fundación Esquipulas https://youtu.be/jity5839C8k

Thank you very much and see you soon!




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